Grading News

Congratulations to Thomas Coley, Wahaj Shabaz, Shayaan Shabaz, for achieving their 3rd stripes. Emanuel Dobrashian-Yate achieve 2nd stripe.

Christmas Clossdown

We’ll be close for Christmas from 14th December 2017 to 3rd January 2017, we’ll be open as usual from Wednesday 3rd of January 20:30 to 21:30 in Birmingham and Saturday 16:00 to 17:00 in Wolverhampton.

Grading News

Congratulation to all the the BNCA member who graded 11th May 2016, They all work hard, and well deserve grade. Zishan – Yellow Belt, Claire – Yellow Belt, Ozma – Red Belt, John – Red...

Dojo Venue Change

from 30th September 2015, We will be changing our training venue, address TBA For more information please contact Gavin- 07770483838. Our New dojo: Queen Alexandra College Woodville Road Harborne Birmingham B17 9TG