Grading News

Congratulations to Thomas Coley, Wahaj Shabaz, Shayaan Shabaz, for achieving their 3rd stripes. Emanuel Dobrashian-Yate achieve 2nd stripe.
October 14, 2018 Gavin Garry

Grading News

Lee Hinton White 2 Stripe Shayaan Shabaz White 1 Stripe Wahat Shabaz White 1 Stripe
January 17, 2018 Gavin Garry

Christmas Clossdown

We’ll be close for Christmas from 14th December 2017 to 3rd January 2017, we’ll be open as usual from Wednesday 3rd of January 20:30 to 21:30 in Birmingham and Saturday 16:00 to 17:00 in Wolverhampton.
December 7, 2017 Gavin Garry

Grading News

Congratulation to all the the BNCA member who graded 11th May 2016, They all work hard, and well deserve grade. Zishan – Yellow Belt, Claire – Yellow Belt, Ozma – Red Belt, John – Red...
May 14, 2016 Gavin Garry

Grading news

Congratulation to OZma Shazia and John Quinn. 1) Ozma Shazia white 3 blade 2) John Quinn White 1 blade The is going to be group grading early May 2016, date -TBA.
March 15, 2016 Gavin Garry

Dojo Venue Change

from 30th September 2015, We will be changing our training venue, address TBA For more information please contact Gavin- 07770483838. Our New dojo: Queen Alexandra College Woodville Road Harborne Birmingham B17 9TG
September 20, 2015 Gavin Garry